Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AECT 2013 Member Drive - The Final Countdown

Our association is in the final month of its 2013 member drive. We are poised for our final new member push and we look forward to sharing some exciting news at our 2013 International Convention in Anaheim!

Help us reach our new member goal!

With AECT, connections are made that foster networking, offer you the finest publications, expose you to new technologies, and allow you to tap into professional development opportunities. These are the very things that emerging professionals are looking for. Helping them find these things is where you come in. This campaign enables faithful members to become stewards in creating a stronger future for AECT.

Sponsor two new members: a graduate student, a beginning educator, or a colleague. While we are offering incentives to you in this campaign, the real motivation is turning someone new onto the same benefits and professional collegiality you have with AECT.

Take 10 minutes, contact some prospective members and help build AECT’s sphere of influence, impact, and visibility.


Adding a link to Europe's version of The Final Countdown would be too easy. As a reward for those who made it to the bottom of this entry, I give you The Final Countdown: Kazookeylele version


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