Tuesday, October 29, 2013

President's Farewell Message

As we begin our 2013 AECT International Convention in Anaheim, the end of my term as president of AECT approaches. This has been an eventful year for our association, its leadership, and most importantly its members. AECT could not exist without its many dedicated members who faithfully serve AECT each year.

In an effort to update you on all the work that was carried out this year, I have compiled a list of the things YOU accomplished during the past year. And please forgive me, if I fail to mention some of your accomplishments, as there are so many:
  1. Formed a Strategic Planning committee, conducted town hall meetings and (with input from our divisions and members) drafted a new AECT Strategic Plan that members will have a chance to further vet at our Anaheim convention.
  2. Initiated a web site partnership with MultiView that generates $1,000 per month in revenue.
  3. Established a credit card convenience fee and encouraged members to use checks and other methods to pay for membership/convention registration, creating potential savings of $16,000 for AECT.
  4. Celebrated a productive 1You/New2 member drive adding over 350 new members to AECT.
  5. ectFoundation sponsored another successful auction and continued its support of AECT convention interns, scholarships, and other activities.
  6. Developed a new AECT Leadership Intern policy manual.
  7. Updated the AECT Division Officers Handbook.
  8. Updated the AECT Policy and Procedures Manual.
  9. Revised the AECT Employee Handbook
  10. Hosted a successful 2012 International Convention in Louisville, KY
  11. Discontinued sponsorship of the International Student Media Festival (ISMF), saving AECT approximately $35,000 per year. 
  12. Drafted and approved a Certificate Endorsement Plan.
  13. Facilitated numerous GSA and division webinars.
  14. Formed a new partnership with Wiley Learning Institute to produce and deliver webinars highlighting AECT members/authors.
  15. Created the new division, Culture, Learning and Technology (formerly MIM affiliate).
  16. Created a web editor position, providing support for the AECT web page and increasing AECT's social media presence.
  17. Appointed a Special International Affiliate Emissary.
  18. Modified accounting from a fiscal year to a calendar year.
  19. Relocated the AECT office to a new and improved office.
  20. Created a monthly consolidated budget report.
  21. Conducted a successful Summer Leadership Conference and Leadership Development Day in Bloomington, IN.
  22. Sponsored AECT's first overseas conference - AECT-ICFER Conference in Taiwan.
  23. Created a partnership with ASTD to trade publicity for each others' conferences in newsletters and web sites.
  24. Approved ICEM as an affiliate of AECT.
  25. Created our first Convention mobile app with Crescerance, saving $8,500 in printing costs.
  26. Introduced the use of Google Hangouts for our 2013 Convention.
  27. Developed a new title, procedure, and application for selecting AECT convention interns.
  28. Announced the AECT book and briefs series "Educational Communications and Technology: Issues and Innovations" with Springer.
  29. Conducted a member survey.
  30. Accepted proposals for the 2015 AECT Summer International Symposium.
  31. Accepted a proposal for the 2014 AECT Summer Research Symposium.
  32. Welcomed META (Malaysian Educational Technology Association) as an international affiliate.
  33. Composed a Procedure for Investigation of Allegation of Violation - AECT Code of Ethics.
  34. Transformed ETR&D's International Review section into Cultural and Regional Perspectives.
  35. Approved the ICEM convention internship.
  36. Crafted an Affiliate Sponsored Convention Intern Policy.
  37. ETR&D, TechTrends, IJDL, and JAID maintained their reputation as high-quality, high-impact journals. (TechTrends topped 100 pages).
  38. Published the 2012 AECT International Convention Proceedings.
  39. Announced the publication of the 2013 Media Yearbook and a new book by the Division of Distance Learning.
  40. Published the Fourth Edition of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology, Proceedings for the 2010 and 2012 Research Symposia, 2013 Media Yearbook, and
    Encyclopedia of Terminology for Educational Communications and Technology.
  41. Four AECT past-presidents edited Learning, Problem Solving, and Mind Tools:Essays in Honor of David H. Jonassen.
  42. AECT past-presidents and members traveled the world, representing AECT and extending AECT's international presence.
  43. Documented 13 new interviews for the AECT History Makers project.
  44. Approved a $10 dues increase for regular and retired members (effective January 2014) that will help fund AECT initiatives and member benefits.
  45. Increased convention University Reception participation to 18 universities.
  46. Introduced the AECT Member Book project providing space in AECT publications for promotion of member-authored books.
  47. Introduced the AECT Position Paper project.
  48. Introduced the AECT Member Video project.
Indeed, an impressive list. You are to be congratulated for yet another exceptional year! Normally, I would mention your accomplishments at our general membership meeting in Anaheim.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you for that meeting, as I will be leaving LAX for Beijing on Tuesday evening (October 29) to represent AECT at the 10th Anniversary of the Beijing Forum, hosted by Peking University. As much as I looked forward to enjoying our convention in Anaheim as past-president and as difficult as it was for me to make this decision, the opportunity to represent AECT at such a prominent international forum outweighed all other options. I will surely miss seeing my many AECT friends and colleagues Wednesday through Saturday. However, I hope that I can return from Beijing with some new opportunities for AECT and its members. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as president of the finest association of its kind. It has been an honor to serve and work side by side with such amazing individuals.  President-Elect Steve Harmon, convention co-planner Zeni Colorado, division/committee planners, and AECT staff have organized another outstanding convention. I wish you all a great time in Anaheim and a successful year under the capable leadership of President Harmon.

With appreciation,

Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Five reasons to attend this year's convention

The 2013 AECT International Convention is only two weeks away and there's much to celebrate! I have developed my own .................

TOP FIVE reasons to attend this year's convention:

5. Where else can you enjoy a $40 luncheon and $70 per gallon coffee?

4. Incoming President Steve Harmon and the convention planning team have organized another outstanding convention experience.

3. AECT members gather yet another year to catch-up with old friends/colleagues, meet new friends, and attempt to impress each other with their research prowess and PowerPoint skills.

2. This is our LAST convention in Anaheim....at least for a while. (Call me crazy, but I kind of like Anaheim. But then again, I live in Kansas....enough said.)

1. This is our LAST Halloween convention!  (Last year's signed pumpkin petition did the job).

Do you have some more reasons to add?  Post them in the comments section below or on our AECT Facebook page!

Check out the schedule at - http://convention2.allacademic.com/one/aect/aect13/

Don't forget that we've got an app!! 

Apple iOS Devices: http://bit.ly/11DstzJ
Android Devices: http://bit.ly/12iuUmd
Windows Mobile Devices: http://bit.ly/18O8D71

With our app, developed by Crescerence (http://crescerance.com/), you get access to all the important facts and information about the convention anytime, anywhere.

Features of the 2013 AECT International Convention App:
• About the convention - Access information about the convention
• Schedule –Events-at-a-Glance are available, integrated with your device calendar
• Maps - Get directions to the convention hotel and within the vicinity
• Click and Share AECT – Snap photos and share them on social networks
• Featured Speakers – Get to know more about the speakers
• AECT Membership - Learn about AECT and its membership benefits

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AECT Books and Briefs Series - Educational Communications and Technology: Issues and Innovations

An important publishing opportunity for AECT members! 

AECT, in collaboration with Springer, has created a new series of books and monographs entitled "Educational Communications and Technology: Issues and Innovations.” The series editors are J. Michael Spector (University of North Texas – mike.spector@unt.edu), M. J. Bishop (University System of Marlyland – mjbishop@usmd.edu), and Dirk Ifenthaler (Open Universities Australia – dirk@ifenthaler.info). 

To submit a proposal for a book or brief/monograph, complete the proposal form and send it to lead editor Mike Spector.

The purpose of the series is to extend AECT's ongoing book publications with Springer (e.g., the Educational Media and Technology Yearbook, the Handbook on Research on Educational Communications and Technology, and the AECT Research Symposium edited volumes), and to offer the Springer Briefs innovative format to AECT authors and contributors. Briefs are short monographs (typically 50 to 100 pages) on a tightly focused topic of current interest by one (or possibly two) authors (for more detail, see http://www.springer.com/authors/book+authors/springerbriefs?SGWID=0-1720013-0-0-0). Contracts for books and briefs will be negotiated between AECT and Springer.

AECT Briefs Series

A monograph in the AECT Briefs series (a refereed publication by AECT) will provide an introduction to a focused area in educational information science, technology and communications, or provide an overview of theories, research, issues, core concepts, emerging technologies, or an analysis of key literature in a particular field; a typical source for such a work is a recent dissertation; a monograph could also provide one or more of the following:

· A timely report of state-of-the art analytical techniques and instruments,
· An overview of a testing and evaluation method,
· A snapshot of a hot or emerging topic or policy change,
· An in-depth case study,
· A detailed report of a program evaluation,
· A review of research/literature,
· A report/review study of a survey, or
· An elaborated conceptual framework pertinent to educational information science and technology.

Brief authors will receive a divisional concurrent session and one night of free hotel accommodations at the AECT International Convention (maximum of 2 authors, but if series editors agree to more, then the first author will decide how/if to split). 

AECT Books Series

A volume in the AECT Books series may be by one or more authors or editors. Edited works are accepted as well as those authored by one or two individuals. Edited volumes may be developed based on panel presentations at the annual AECT convention or other such prominent venues; or they might be based on recent collaborative research and development efforts. Books in the series should be on a topic of interest to the disciplines and groups of professionals represented in AECT. Members of an AECT division are especially welcome to submit proposals for such works.

Book authors will receive a Presidential session at our AECT International Convention and free convention registration (maximum of 2 authors/editors, but if series editors agree to more, then the first author will decide how/if to split). 

Authors will be restricted to AECT members or those who become members upon acceptance of a manuscript so as to preserve the AECT brand associated with this series. Wide circulation is guaranteed, thanks to the efforts of Springer.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

December 6-7, 2013 TAECT International Conference, Taipei, Taiwan

AECT international affiliate, the Taiwan Association for Educational Communications and Technology (TAECT), invites you to visit Taipei, Taiwan for the 2013 TAECT International Conference, December 6-7, 2013 at the Taipei campus of Tamkang University.  The theme for this year's conference is Educational Communications and Technology in New Educational Policies.

Our very own AECT president-elect designate Dr. Robert Branch will be the featured keynote speaker for the conference.  Soon to be AECT past-president Childress will be there, too; finishing-up his AECT farewell world tour.

More information about the conference.

I hope you can join TAECT in Taipei and spend a few additional days exploring the rest of beautiful Taiwan and sampling Taiwan's magnificent cuisine.

More information about what to see and do in Taiwan.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AECT 2013 Member Drive - The Final Countdown

Our association is in the final month of its 2013 member drive. We are poised for our final new member push and we look forward to sharing some exciting news at our 2013 International Convention in Anaheim!

Help us reach our new member goal!

With AECT, connections are made that foster networking, offer you the finest publications, expose you to new technologies, and allow you to tap into professional development opportunities. These are the very things that emerging professionals are looking for. Helping them find these things is where you come in. This campaign enables faithful members to become stewards in creating a stronger future for AECT.

Sponsor two new members: a graduate student, a beginning educator, or a colleague. While we are offering incentives to you in this campaign, the real motivation is turning someone new onto the same benefits and professional collegiality you have with AECT.

Take 10 minutes, contact some prospective members and help build AECT’s sphere of influence, impact, and visibility.


Adding a link to Europe's version of The Final Countdown would be too easy. As a reward for those who made it to the bottom of this entry, I give you The Final Countdown: Kazookeylele version


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Conference - Korean Society for Educational Technology (KSET)

AECT international affiliate, the Korean Society for Educational Technology (KSET), invites you join them in vibrant Seoul, Korea for their international conference on November 23, 2013 at Sejong University. The main theme of the conference is "Toward smart approaches to education: bridging learning theory, technology, application, and teaching practice”. The conference will provide theoretical insights and instructional solutions in the emerging paradigms of advanced learning technologies and media. 

Proposals are being accepted for concurrent sessions and student papers.

Proposals due: September 10 - Submit online

Notification of acceptance: September 20

Early registration: October 1

Paper submission: October 20
More conference details can be found here.

Invited speakers include:
  • John Sweller School of Education, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Tzu-Chien Liu, Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction, National Central University, Taiwan
  • John Marshall Reeve, College of Education, Korea University, Korea
  • Shengquan Yu, School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, China
  • Atsushi Hiyama, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Japan 
I hope you will consider submitting a proposal and attending the November 23, 2013 conference.  Be sure to schedule some extra "study tour" days to explore the wonderful country of South Korea. I am sure that you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Convention Schedule, Convention App, New Publications

The 2013 AECT International Convention schedule is here!  
AECT members are as excited and enthusiastic as Navin R. Johnson (right) was, when he first saw his name in the new phone book.  

Check out the schedule at - http://convention2.allacademic.com/one/aect/aect13/

If you have questions about your presentation schedule, email inquiries to convention planner Zeni Colorado at jcolorad@emporia.edu

We've got an app for that! 
That's right. We have launched our very own exclusive mobile app for our 2013 AECT International Convention. Download to your mobile device now!

Apple iOS Devices: http://bit.ly/11DstzJ
Android Devices: http://bit.ly/12iuUmd
Windows Mobile Devices: http://bit.ly/18O8D71

With our app, developed by Crescerence (http://crescerance.com/), you get access to all the important facts and information about the convention anytime, anywhere.

Features of the 2013 AECT International Convention App:
• About the convention - Access information about the convention
• Schedule –Events-at-a-Glance are available, integrated with your device calendar
• Maps - Get directions to the convention hotel and within the vicinity
• Click and Share AECT – Snap photos and share them on social networks
• Featured Speakers – Get to know more about the speakers
• AECT Membership - Learn about AECT and its membership benefits 

Handbook and Encyclopedia - available online

The long-awaited Fourth Edition of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology is now available online at our AECT web site (another valuable benefit available only to AECT members). Edited by our very own J. Michael Spector, M. David Merrill, Jan Elen, and M.J. Bishop, the 1005 page Springer Publishing behemoth (according to Phil Harris, the print version weighs over 7 lbs.) can be accessed at - http://aect.site-ym.com/?page=handbook_of_research (AECT member log-in required).

Another rich resource, the Encyclopedia of Terminology for Educational Communications and Technology is also available online at our AECT web site. Edited by AECT member Rita C. Richey, this landmark publication can be accessed at - http://aect.site-ym.com/?encylopedia_ed_tech (AECT member log-in required).

JAID and IJDL - Two important AECT journals

We all know about our AECT journals ETRD and TechTrends (available in print and online). However, I want to remind you of two other important AECT journals that are available exclusively online -  

Journal of Applied Instructional Design

Edited by AECT member Les Moller, JAID bridges the gap between theory and practice by providing reflective scholar-practitioners a means for publishing articles related the field of Instructional Design. JAID’s goals are to encourage and nurture the development of the reflective practitioner as well as collaborations between academics and practitioners as a means of disseminating and developing new ideas in instructional design.


International Journal of Designs for Learning

Edited by AECT member Elizabeth Boling, IJDL provides a venue for designers to share their knowledge-in-practice through rich representations of their designs and detailed discussion of decision-making. The aim of the journal is to support the production of high-quality precedent materials and to promote and demonstrate the value of doing so. Audiences for the journal include designers, teachers and students of design and scholars studying the practice of design.

Check out the above publications and many other publications available to AECT members at - http://aect.site-ym.com/?publications_landing