Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Convention Schedule, Convention App, New Publications

The 2013 AECT International Convention schedule is here!  
AECT members are as excited and enthusiastic as Navin R. Johnson (right) was, when he first saw his name in the new phone book.  

Check out the schedule at -

If you have questions about your presentation schedule, email inquiries to convention planner Zeni Colorado at

We've got an app for that! 
That's right. We have launched our very own exclusive mobile app for our 2013 AECT International Convention. Download to your mobile device now!

Apple iOS Devices:
Android Devices:
Windows Mobile Devices:

With our app, developed by Crescerence (, you get access to all the important facts and information about the convention anytime, anywhere.

Features of the 2013 AECT International Convention App:
• About the convention - Access information about the convention
• Schedule –Events-at-a-Glance are available, integrated with your device calendar
• Maps - Get directions to the convention hotel and within the vicinity
• Click and Share AECT – Snap photos and share them on social networks
• Featured Speakers – Get to know more about the speakers
• AECT Membership - Learn about AECT and its membership benefits 

Handbook and Encyclopedia - available online

The long-awaited Fourth Edition of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology is now available online at our AECT web site (another valuable benefit available only to AECT members). Edited by our very own J. Michael Spector, M. David Merrill, Jan Elen, and M.J. Bishop, the 1005 page Springer Publishing behemoth (according to Phil Harris, the print version weighs over 7 lbs.) can be accessed at - (AECT member log-in required).

Another rich resource, the Encyclopedia of Terminology for Educational Communications and Technology is also available online at our AECT web site. Edited by AECT member Rita C. Richey, this landmark publication can be accessed at - (AECT member log-in required).

JAID and IJDL - Two important AECT journals

We all know about our AECT journals ETRD and TechTrends (available in print and online). However, I want to remind you of two other important AECT journals that are available exclusively online -  

Journal of Applied Instructional Design

Edited by AECT member Les Moller, JAID bridges the gap between theory and practice by providing reflective scholar-practitioners a means for publishing articles related the field of Instructional Design. JAID’s goals are to encourage and nurture the development of the reflective practitioner as well as collaborations between academics and practitioners as a means of disseminating and developing new ideas in instructional design.


International Journal of Designs for Learning

Edited by AECT member Elizabeth Boling, IJDL provides a venue for designers to share their knowledge-in-practice through rich representations of their designs and detailed discussion of decision-making. The aim of the journal is to support the production of high-quality precedent materials and to promote and demonstrate the value of doing so. Audiences for the journal include designers, teachers and students of design and scholars studying the practice of design.

Check out the above publications and many other publications available to AECT members at -

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