Saturday, October 27, 2012

Connecting at AECT 2012 - Presenters and Pokens - special instructions

In order to help us GO GREEN and to help you disseminate your quality presentations, papers, and research, we were able to create an added Poken bonus, just for PRESENTERS.  Presenters will be able to upload their content to specially-made presentation session Objects that can be accessed via QR codes.  Below and at the following URL, you will find step-by-step printer friendly instructions for uploading your content at

Let's GO GREEN, save the trees (and save your back from lifting heavy luggage filled with pages and pages of handouts), and START UPLOADING CONTENT!

We are working hard to make it fun and easy to share information and network this year with Poken.  By now, you should already have received an email from Poken with log-in information.  If not, you can contact Kristin at Poken; her email is

Once you have logged into your Poken account and updated your profile, you are ready for the next step in making your session a great success with your audience. 

As a session presenter, you may log in to the special Enterprise Login (Partner Tools) from the website.  You will find the login link in the upper right corner.  (Figure 1)

Once you click this, simply enter the same login data you have already used to login to Poken.

Figure 1

After login, you will see a screen that looks similar to this: (figure 2)
Figure 2

Under the “Manage” heading, select “Manage Objects”

When you are in the “Manage Objects” screen, you should see an object listed in the left column for each session you are presenting.  If, not please contact Lori Swim (  Select the object you wish to populate with data.

Once you have selected an object from the left column, your screen will look similar to the following:

The form is fairly self-explanatory.  You may enter a description of your session. You may also add URLs and upload files of all kinds.  If you upload an image, then it will populate the “object’s thumbnail.”  This thumbnail image is useful for giving your object a “visual label” in someone’s timeline.  If you upload multiple images, select one primary image.

Make sure to click “Save” in the lower bottom right corner after every change, to make sure your changes are not lost. 

When you present your session, to share information, simply show your attendees the QR code associated with your populated “object” or you can also present them with the URL.  If they scan the QR code with a Poken app, the object will be added to their timeline and object library for future reference (as long as you leave the “Sharing” box checked). 

Thank you for your attention and enjoy using your Poken networking and information-sharing tool!

For help contact
AECT Poken Volunteer: Lori at

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