Saturday, May 10, 2014

Leaving ESU and moving to Baker University

Earlier this year, I announced that I will step down from the IDT department chair position at Emporia State University. The plan was to teach 3 master's level classes each semester, research, do some writing (and perhaps grants) and just fade away, like an old soldier (see General Douglas MacArthur, 1951) -

That was the plan ..... until I was approached with a rare opportunity at Baker University.....

On July 1,  2014 I will be be leaving Emporia State University to begin work at Baker University as Professor and Director (and creator) of a new doctoral program in Instructional Design and Technology.  The Baker University undergraduate programs are housed at the beautiful Baldwin City, KS campus. My office and doc program will be housed at the Baker University School of Education/School of Professional and Graduate Studies facilities in Overland Park, KS (KC Metro area). I am sad that I will be leaving my wonderful ESU IDT faculty colleagues and master's students.  However, I am happy that I may be able to help many of my former and current ESU IDT students, and future Baker students achieve their goal of advanced graduate study at Baker University.

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Phillip & Joan Harris said...

Marc I really really really need to talk with you. Can you send me a new email address?