Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's a Poken?

This year’s convention will feature something new – Pokens.  What’s a Poken, you may ask? A Poken is a small USB device that enables users to digitally exchange contact details with a touch and share digital content (such as papers, presentations, photos, and videos). Poken users can create a digital business card with social network profiles and then swap it with other users by simply touching Pokens.  Best of all, Pokens can ignite conversations, make networking simple and fun, and create an engaging experience for AECT Convention attendees.

Using the Poken is easy:  Just touch it, get it, and share it.
Touch it – Exchange contacts and documents with other users by touching Pokens.  
Get it – Plug the Poken into your computer’s USB port, create your account, and synchronize it on the memberHUB.
Share it – Collect contacts and files on your timeline and share with your social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Welcome to our first GREEN Convention

Although our convention program will still be print-based (in addition to digital), using Pokens will provide us with an opportunity to GREEN our convention. Members will be encouraged to upload documents and files to your memberHUBs for sharing at the convention, saving paper, ink/toner (and added weight/bulk to your luggage). Watch for details in the coming weeks.

Opportunities for Networking and Fun

Perhaps the most exciting feature of using Pokens will be the opportunities for a new way to network, share, and get to know one another.  Divisions and affiliates are encouraged to start thinking about ways to use Pokens for icebreakers, scavenger hunts, and other fun events.  In the weeks leading up to the convention, division/affiliate leaders and members will begin receiving tips and hints on how to incorporate Pokens into their activities.
Still wondering about Pokens?
Here’s a YouTube video that helps explain -

I hope you are now as excited as I am about using Pokens. I am convinced that you will find a many more creative and fun uses for our Pokens.  I can’t wait so see what happens!


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