Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 AECT International Convention - Visit to Louisville

World's largest baseball bat!

The 2012 AECT International Convention planning team made a short (2 day) site visit to Louisville, KY in December 2011. We made visits to the Muhammad Ali Center, the Louisville Science Center, and marvelous attractions on Museum Row on Main. Prior to our tour of Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, we seized the opportunity to have our photo taken in front of the world’s largest baseball bat. The Galt House Hotel (our convention venue) was beautifully decorated for the holidays.  Walking through the hotel and checking-out the rooms needed for our concurrent sessions, panels, roundtables, and poster sessions, brought back many fond memories from our 2009 convention at the Galt House.  As a matter of fact, I still remembered many of the rooms and the presenters who used them (shades of Simonides and Method of Loci, I suppose?).
Speaking of rooms, staying at the Galt House also refreshed my memory about the spacious guest rooms in the Galt House. Not only are the guest rooms large (most notably the reasonably-priced suites), but they are also impeccably clean and comfortable. Hint: If you have some additional funds for your stay in Louisville, be sure to pay a little extra for a suite; it’s worth the price.
Hitting a home run with Big Pappi's bat.

On the planning end of things, our 2012 convention planning team (consisting of planners from divisions, affiliates, committees, and other partners) started working the last day of our Jacksonville convention and has already met via Adobe Connect. Division/affiliate descriptions have been updated and the All-Academic proposal submission site is up and running.  Soon, I hope you will take some time to prepare and submit a proposal (or two).  Doing so will reduce your stress as the March 2 closing date approaches. More importantly, getting your proposals submitted well in advance will reduce MY stress (and high blood pressure) as I wait for all of those last minute submissions. I'm excited about our 2012 convention. Let's knock it out of the park!

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Susan Farber said...

Marc has pointed out so many reasons to attend the 2012 Conference. Louisville has much to offer as a venue, and the conference is a time to network and share our ideas and progress as researchers and practitioners. I look forward to seeing many of you at the 2012 AECT Conference in Louisville.