Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update from Baker University, Overland Park (KC Metro area)

I am into my second week as Professor and Director (add designer and developer) of the new Instructional Design and Technology Ed.D. program at Baker University's Graduate School of Education and the planning has already begun.  

I was delighted that the very first piece of mail received last week was the newest issue of TechTrends. This timely July/August 2014 issue of TechTrends will certainly help guide the design of the Baker University Ed.D. program. A big thank you goes to outgoing Editor-in-Chief Dan Surry, incoming Editor-in-Chief Chuck Hodges, Special Issue Co-Editors Kara Dawson and Swapna Kumar, and the authors for their work on this issue.  I hope to use this opportunity to create something that is unique and innovative, not only in its delivery, but also in the overall scope of the curriculum.  One of my first questions will be, "What do we want to call it?"; something that we in our field (and AECT) have struggled with over the years and continues to be a challenge.  The knowns:  
  1. It will be online. 
  2. It will be innovative. 
  3. It will be unique. 
  4. It will be exciting. 
That's about all I know. Whether it will include on-ground delivery, seminars, cohorts,and other elements remains to be seen. I hope to glean as much information as I can from the TechTrends issue and other sources (including you, my colleagues). I am also in the process of gathering the names of some of my former students and colleagues - out of the box thinkers who are working in (and out) the field - to form an informal planning/steering committee (I'm trying to come up with a better name - thinktank? braintrust?, but committee will do for now). If you are interested in providing some input, drop me an email - marcus.childress@bakeru.edu 

I met our new Baker University President Dr. Lynne Murray yesterday; she stopped by the Overland Park campus to say hello to the Graduate School of Education and School of Graduate and Professional Studies. She's bright, full of energy, and very positive; always super qualities for a university president!

One of my nice new Baker University colleagues gave me the cool medallion (shown above) to be worn during commencement.

Soon, I will be off to find more KC barbecue joints (the best BBQ in the world; although my friends in the Carolinas, Memphis, and Texas may not agree). I think the world needs more BBQ blogs, don't you?